Straight from the Horse's Mouth - page 3

*  For all of you trail riders who ride the trails in Lake County too, please be informed tht the Lake County Forest Preserve District is currently conducting an on-line survey at   The District would like to understand how well the existing facilities serve the public and solicits ideas for future equestrian & multi-use trail recreational development.                                     Posted 9/25/11
*  The county is in the beginning stages of drafting a green infrastructure plan which includes mapping existing open spaces and trails and providing a plan for future implementation to increase emphasis on open space and trails with interconnectivity.   The McHenry County Equestrian is advocating that equestrian trails be a part of future planning; and suggests that equestrians keep an eye on the plan as it develops.  The plan is at the stage of receiving local goverment input, so you may want to contact your town about the project and let them know that equestrian trails are useful for attracting the equine industry to our county; which should be a consideration as part of the countys' push to court "agri-business" and "agri-tourism"                                                                   Posted 8/13/11                   
*  McHenry County is in the process of creating a long-range transportation plan.   Workshops are being held, and residents have been asked to fill out a survey at .   Though equestrian road use is recreational; riders need to cross certain roads, or ride along the shoulders of certain roads to get to some trails.   Also, equestrians transport their horses frequently; so long-range planning which includes the needs of equestrians should be included in the plans.             Posted 9/12/11