Straight from the Horse's Mouth - page 2

*  Local equestrians are working hard to improve relations with the McHenry County Conservation District.   Members of our community have learned of instances where land was donated to the District with the donors' intention to continue to allow equestrian trails existing on the property, yet the trails were closed after the land transferred.   The September 12 meeting of the McHenry County Horse Club will include a discussion about this issue.   If you are aware of such a situation that you would like to have looked into or resolved, you can contact the Horse Club directly on Facebook, or e-mail  Not only do we need to be active to insure that we don't lose any existing trails, but also to advocate to increase the network of horse trails.  Don't we all agree with the saying that "the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man"?  Trail riding helps us to stay healthy.  Kudos to the McHenry County Horse Club for taking the lead on this, and also for adopting an MCCD trail.                                                                       Posted 8/17/11
*  A big thank you to the equestrians who turned out for the 8/16 UDO Workshop.   The equestrian community was represented by owners of large facilities and by individuals who keep their horses in their backyards who looked at the displays, reviewed the document, engaged in conversation and left written comments. In case you didn't get to the meeting, the draft document is available on-line at; pages 16-68.   The next county Planning & Development meeting is at 8:30 am on 8/18 if you are chomping at the bit to speak about this issue to the county during the public comments portion of the meeting.   Otherwise, the September 1 Planning & Development meeting should include the follow up from the comments of the UDO workshop on the agenda.                Posted 8/17/11

*   Equestrians give back to the community by participating in the Barrington Relay for Life on June 10, 2011, a benefit for the American Cancer Society.   Walkers from the Barrington Hills Riding Club raised approximately $12,000, among the highest amounts of any teams participating in the event.                     posted 6/21/11

*  On a hot day who wouldn't like to go for a swim?   Did you know that McHenry County has an equine aquatherapy center?   Leonard Stables in Harvard, IL provides conditioning and rehabilitation via swimming for your horse.
* Girl Scouts can earn their Horse Rider badge through a special program offered in Union.   See for details.
Serosun Farms is a new kind of equestrian development for our area; located in neighboring Kane County (   The 400 acre development mixes residential houses, open spaces and 300 acres of preserved farm land.    It is meant to be a transitionary type of land use; between strictly agricultural and strictly residential zoning.   The developer envisages use of "green" technologies for construction, and conservation of water.  The property includes a stable, equestrian trails and riding rings.   Homeowners will have the opportunity to build a house on one acre plots of land and keep their horses at the community's stable.   This model of light land use may be an appropriate future direction for McHenry County to emulate as more farm land is turned into residential space.
*  Would you like to have someone haul away your manure for free?   There are actually people who would like to use our manure for composte!  Sign yourself up to be a donor at
* Would you like to donate show ribbons to a worthy cause?   They can be recycled for use by therapeutic riding programs.   See for details.