Equestrians and Local Government


this section includes recent developments in county government which affect horses and their owners

McHenry County Comprehensive Plan - The county completed a process of preparing their 2030 plan which outlines what attributes of the county are important and should be preserved going forward.   Through the efforts of Bull Valley and Barrington Hills equestrians, language was put into the plan indicating the historical emphasis on equestrian activities in the county; and inclusion of horses under the umbrella of agricultural activity to be supported over the next twenty years.
Equestrian appointed alternate to McHenry County Zoning Board of Appeals - Congratulations to horse owner and polo player John Rosene of Barrington Hills on his appointment.
Equestrians Elected to Local Government Positions - An equestrian was elected President of Bull Valley in the 2015 election cycle.   Congratulations to Emily Berendt.
Equestrian appointed to the McHenry County Conservation District Board of Directors - In June 2015, the McHenry County Board voted to approve Vern Scacci for a five year term on the MCCD Board of Trustees.   Congratulations Vern!